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Sonam Babani of Fashioneress is loving these luxury picks right now

The luxury fashion blogger shares her top picks for the holiday season

‘Tis the season to make merry and indulge yourself with a little something special. But if you’ve been having a tough time navigating the flashy sales and impulse buys to find the gems that are worth your money, help is at hand. We got the industry’s top insiders to handpick the items that they are loving right now. Leveraging their position on the frontlines of all that’s new in the world of beauty and fashion, here’s what they are excited about this season.

One of a kind. The term can be easily used to define Sonam Babani’s aesthetic as well as the realm of luxury that she makes accessible to her devoted Instagram following that exceeds 100,000. In the cluttered landscape of fashion bloggers, her lexicon of luxury fashion speaks its own language. And with the holiday season upon us, here’s her round-up of the most coveted products on holiday wishlists this season:

1. A chic accessory from Bottega Veneta's new collection by Dianelle Lee

Whether a fluffy clutch or the quilted sandals. I'm obsessed with my orange leather number!

2. A chic dress from Reformation

You can never go wrong with a Reformation dress, and it serves as a great bet for the party season. You can wear one to pretty much any event without looking under or over-dressed. Just chic!

3. Anything with feathers!

Yes, I'm still in love with everything feathery and yes, it's still trending!

4. The Chanel phone case

A teeny piece of luxury you don't need, but are definitely going to want.

5. A pair of Amina Muaddis

If you don't already own one, these are perfect for trotting around at parties