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'Radio Gaga' by Papa Don't Preach is good for your wardrobe, and even better for the environment

Updated: Dec 12, 2019

Good for you and your furry friends as well

It is easy to recognise a Papa Don’t Preach piece when you come across one. Designer Shubhika Davda's irreverent use of colour and art serves as a dead giveaway. This season, the designer is dialling the clock back to revive the glorious sartorial hallmarks of the ‘70s and ‘80s music scene.

The kaleidoscopic colour palette is mirrored by the brand’s conscious outlook that ensured a 100% vegan and cruelty-free production process. The digital printing of the label’s signature prints eliminated dyeing processes that can potentially prove to be hazardous to animals and aquatic life. The label’s tough stance on animal products ensured that the glue used in shoes, accessories and linings was cruelty-free as well. A portion of all sales will also be devoted to RESQ, a charitable trust for animals based in Pune.